About us

TheCanKey company
Lack of suitable and safe tools for opening turbine oil cans encouraged me to develop TheCanKey

TheCanKey company was established in Denmark by:
Torben Biehl Jensen


Holding Danish national aircraft mechanics licence and European EASA PART-66 B1, B2 and C license.
Over 25 years experience in general aviation working on a broad range of aircraft Рfrom sport aircraft to small airliners, both in Denmark and in special projects abroad.
Quality audit training and on the job experience.
Extended experience in aircraft parts and service shop management.
Own aircraft company renting aircraft to commercial flying schools.
“Using the right tools is the key element in the job of a professional mechanic.”


Contact TheCanKey:
Torben Biehl Jensen
Hansborggade 26, 1.tv
6100 Haderslev
Phone: +47 41 583708

E-mail: TheCanKey.com