About us

TheCanKey company

Lack of suitable and safe tools for opening and handling turbine oil cans encouraged me to develop TheCanKey FOD-free products.


TheCanKey company was established in Denmark by:

Torben Biehl Jensen

Holding an European EASA PART-66 B1, B2 and C and a USA FAA A&P-I license.

Over 33 years of experience in general aviation working on a broad range of aircraft – from sport aircraft to small airliners, both in Denmark, Norway and in special projects abroad.

Quality audit training and on the job experience. Line & Base manager.

Extended experience in aircraft parts and service shop management.

“Using the right tools is the key element in the job of a professional mechanic.”


Contact TheCanKey:

Torben Biehl Jensen

Lufthavnsvej 7A

6580 Vamdrup


Phone: +47 41 583708

E-mail: TheCanKey.com