Material quality

TheCanKey leaves no trace in the oil.


The quality of TheCanKey has been put to the test on deposits in the oil.
A new and a used TheCanKey have been tested at Saybolt oil labs in Denmark. The tests have confirmed the high quality of TheCanKey.


The reports show that there is only 0.00023% weight deposited in the oil, when opening a can of turbine oil with a new TheCanKey and 0.00032% weight from the used TheCanKey.
This means that if you measure in grams it is 0.00023 grams or if you use oz. it is 0.00023 oz


Finally, a microscopy examination of the deposits shows that there were no metal particles from the turbine oil can itself, or polymer composites from the TheCanKey found in the oil.


The microscopic amount of weight deposited in the oil comes simply from handling TheCanKey and the turbine oil can.


TheCanKey does not bias your oil analysis.


As a professional aircraft engineer, you know how important oil analysis are. Regular oil analysis will detect breakdown of internal engine components and detect contaminants that causes wear and tear of the engine. Analysing for debris in the oil alerts you of potential engine problems. By using results of oil analysis, you are able to keep the aircraft engine in perfect condition preventing costly engine failures and optimizing performance.



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