FunnelCap – Quart Can




Quart Can Funnelcap

The Quart Can FunnelCap makes it safe and easy to service aircraft oil and hydraulic systems without spilling of oil and without getting FOD in the oil or oil can.
Open half-used oil cans can be stored in the storage room or aircraft without risk of oil leaking out. The flex hose clip ensures a tight seal of the flex hose to the cap stud, and also secures the flex hose to the can to minimize storage space when not in use. The red cap seals the flex hose and ensures a tight seal of the flex hose end.
More flex hoses can be connected to increase the reach.
The flex hose can be removed if desired. The red flex hose cap is then installed on the cover stud and seals to avoid leakage and FOD.

How to use:

  • Use TheCanKey turbine oil can opener to make a pouring hole in the oil can.
  • Install the FunnelCap on top of the oil can with slight hand pressure. Position the FunnelCap flex hose over the oil can pouring hole.
  • Put the end of the FunnelCap flex hose into the oil filler opening.
  • Pour oil from the oil can with the flex hose at top of horizontal held oil can. This ensures air to vent the oil can.
  • While pouring oil rotate the oil can slowly until the flex hose is at bottom position.
  • When the oil can is empty, install the red strap cap on the end of the flex hose.
  • Leave the FunnelCap installed on the empty oil can. This ensures no contamination with FOD of the FunnelCap and also shows which type of oil residue is in the FunnelCap.
Note: Avoid using different oils with the same FunnelCap. Minimum order quantity is 5 ea.