TheCanKey – Non-printed





Professional aircraft engineers ask for a safe and certified oil can opener.

  • TheCanKey is a reinforced high quality plastic can opener specially designed for the professional aircraft engineer to open a one-quart can of turbine oil.
  • TheCanKey has been tested and certified by Saybolt laboratory not to leave any debris of TheCanKey or the can material in the oil.
  • TheCanKey is durable and very strong. The ergonomic, carefully designed shape and non-slip surface makes TheCanKey fit your hand perfectly providing comfort and ease of use.
  • TheCanKey is pocket size with a length of only 4,5 inch/11,5 cm and can be added to a key ring so that it is always at hand when needed.
    TheCanKey will pass any airport security check-point.


TheCanKey – The perfect promotional gift

TheCanKey with your company logo is the perfect promotional gift for your customers or for your own maintenance staff.
Providing TheCanKey to your customers and maintenance staff is a strong signal of high standards and concern about the aviation safety within your company.

  • TheCanKey is available in the following standard colours: black.
  • TheCanKey is available with one- or multi-colour print.